I'm Awesome


T-Shirt Decorated with Fake Seat Belt

Complete the ensemble by putting a windshield through your head.

People who reply fast.


You know why they do it? Because they really want to talk to that person. Don’t take forever to reply, that is just a huge turn off. Don’t make them think that you have someone better to talk to. It just sets them off, and it makes them upset. Next time someone replies right after, appreciate that they want to talk to you.

Love when people do thisss

everyone: You have a short temper.
me: No, I just have no tolerence for bullshit.
Sad isn’t it?

You meet someone. You two get close. Its all great for awhile. Then someone stops trying. Talk less. Awkward conversations. The drifting. No communication whatsoever. Memories start to fade. Then that person you know becomes that person you KNEW. That’s how it usually goes, right? Sad isn’t it?

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